This week I found out some very exciting news! I have been chosen as one of the best NJ Newborn Photographers! I had been nominated in the Hunterdon Happenings List  for “Best Child Photographer.” I found out as we were in the new studio busily working to get it ready for next month’s grand opening, I was so flattered to have been nominated! Photographing newborns, children and their families is such a passion for me, to have that recognized by this nomination in my local area is so exciting! To be chosen as one of the best NJ newborn photographers would be such an honor. When choosing your newborn or child photographer, you have so many variables to consider : talent, personality, vision, customer service, care and comfort of your newborn.  As a NJ newborn photographer, I consider it an honor when chosen to photograph your baby. The first few weeks in a newborns life are so precious, I love being able to capture that for you! Each client that chooses me becomes part of my family, from photographing a newborn to their first birthday, to seeing them year after year, that is the best part of my job. Life is busy, but I would appreciate the quick second it takes for you to cast your vote. To vote for Sleepy Owl Studios as one of the best NJ Newborn Photographers, simply click here : and vote for Sleepy Owl Studios! Voting will be open until Feb. 26, so make sure to get your votes in, one vote per email address! Thank you all so much for this honor!

  • Nancy Locke - VotedReplyCancel

  • Kevin - Great photosReplyCancel

  • Maureen Huettenmoser - Heather, you amaze me! Your artistic abilities are phenomenal.Building a new business is like nurturing a child. No one should ever mess with it!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - Super cute photo, Heather! You deserve to win!ReplyCancel

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5th Birthday today!! This little man’s birthday arrived in the middle of a snowstorm.  A snowstorm so bad we didn’t have any visitors, which meant I got more snuggle time with my middle man before I had to share him with the world. This little man can make anyone around him laugh with his one liners, he’s a comedian at heart, but also my most sensitive of the 3 boys. He is loud, spontaneous, funny and most of all loving, he always remembers his brothers when someone offers him something, he’s always looking out to make sure they aren’t forgotten. I can’t believe 5 is here already, I know it’s cliche, but you blink and time passes. This morning he chose chocolate croissants and strawberries for his special birthday breakfast, he is a chocolate fiend, so I knew that would figure into the birthday celebration somehow!  When I told him I wanted to take his 5th birthday photo on the train tracks, he was more than excited, he kept asking for more and more pictures (and anyone with children knows this is a rarity!). At 5, his most requested birthday presents were Beanie Boo’s, cars and kinetic sand, unwrapping them this morning and seeing his excitement is just the best!  Happy Birthday to my middle man, he is one special little man! I’ve linked below some of the most requested 5th birthday items, what are your kiddos requesting at this age?

NJ Family Photographer, Birthday Photo

NJ Family Photographer, Birthday Photo


Kinectic Sand :

Beanie Boos :


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My boys. My little men. My everything. These boys are my entire world. A few weeks ago it was time for holiday photos, so I corralled these hooligans in a field by my house to snap some photos. Since I am their mom and they’ve been in front of my camera more times than I can count, these shoots last less than 15 minutes…they don’t have time for my shenanigans and are far less impress with my attempts to make them smile. Thankfully they are all getting to the age where they know the drill and happily cooperate for a few shots. I also snapped a few photos with my grandparents who also live with me, my boys are so lucky to be able to have them here everyday, the love between them just makes my heart melt. At some point of every day, they sneak downstairs for “cookies and coffee” time with my grandparents, where they are spoiled with kisses, treats and of course,  cookies. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Blog1NJ_Newborn_Photographer4.jpgNJ_Newborn_Photographer5.jpgBlog4NJ_Newborn_Photographer3.jpgBlog6NJ_Newborn_Photographer1.jpg

  • Heather - These pictures are beautiful! Love your boys!ReplyCancel

  • Ali Ricco - Those boys are adorable, what a lucky mama you are. I love the idea of the couch in the field it is so whimsical but well thought out.ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne Rhinehart - Amazing pics of an amazing family! Love these boys and the photos capture their wonderful personalities! I especially love the ones with Pop and Mang! XOReplyCancel

  • Katie Kupstas - What treasures you have here. The photos and everyone in them. :) So incredibly beautiful as always! You have amazing talent!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - My friend Lauren shared you pictures with me today. Your boys are getting big and more handsome.

    Merry ChristmasReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Gorgeous photos. Absolutely priceless! Such beautiful memories, perfectly captured.ReplyCancel

  • Jodi Rehrig - These photos are beautiful and totally capture the boys as the handsome, carefree and hilarious little men that they are.
    Your craft is worth a million bucks! Just perfect!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Basara - You are truly the most talented photographer! These pictures of your sons are priceless and the memories they are making with their great-grandparents are so special. So wonderful to capture these relationships to cherish for many, many years.ReplyCancel

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This maternity session was just beyond words. The lighting was magical, the snow was perfect and this family couldn’t have been any more amazing to photograph. Jen and Jason are expecting their 3rd baby in a few weeks, a baby girl to join their two handsome little boys. Jen and her family are from the south, and while they were up for Thanksgiving we had planned on taking maternity photos…little did we know we’d have an extra bonus of snow! When I told Jen I wanted to photograph her in this dress, in the snow, and asked her to trust me, she didn’t even bat an eyelash, she jumped into the dress, with freezing snow all around and just rocked the shot. Jen & Jason’s two little men are just so squeezable, they were such good sports, smiling away in the snow on the side of the road like it was no big deal. I absolutely adored this fun loving couple and their kids, this baby girl is going to be coming into such an amazing family . Congrats Jen & Jason! NJ Maternity Photography {Sleepy Owl Studios} Blog2Blog3Blog4Blog5Blog6Blog7

  • Anne Herbert - Heather, these are adorable! This sweet family is so lucky to have had you capture this moment in time. I love the last one in black and white – I can see that on a huge canvas on the wall!ReplyCancel

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Meet sweet baby Lincoln. Lincoln is the 4th baby born to two of my amazing friends, J.D & Suzie. This weekend I got to snuggle him in my studio for a few hours and photograph his sweet little face. As gorgeous as his older siblings, this little man just melted my heart. I’d been saving a few new props and hats for his arrival, he modeled them just perfectly! Welcome to world little man, you are so loved already! {Sleepy Owl Studios NJ Newborn Photographer}

{Sleepy Owl Studios NJ Newborn Photographer}

{Sleepy Owl Studios NJ Newborn Photographer} {Sleepy Owl Studios NJ Newborn Photographer} {Sleepy Owl Studios NJ Newborn Photographer}

  • Anne Herbert - Each of these is a work of art! Heather you have such a special gift and talent!!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks Anne! This is a dear friends little man and he was such a doll to work with!ReplyCancel

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